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On Sunday the Narragansett Running Association (NRA) will host its 7th annual Super 5K Road Race. In its first year (2005) the Youth Track Series (YTS) didn't exist, but since then the Super 5K has been the a fundraiser for the YTS along with funding from direct sponsors (e.g. Belmont Market). But this year, the YTS received a special donation from our good friends from the Newport Running Club (NRC) (sometimes called the Newport Wing of the NRA). We'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank NRC's Paul Simone, Terri Martland, and Ray Isacco for organizing this generous donation and also volunteering at last year's YTS. This week's picture features Paul Simone and David Tetreault at the 2005 Super 5K road race. escale en Charente Maritime...

Après 12 ans sans épreuve phare, Oléron renoue avec le Funboard Tour pour une étape réservée aux Vagues et au Free Style qui pourra se dérouler sur n'importe quel spot de l'île en fonction des conditions météo. Un " camp de base " est situé en plein cœur de la principale ville, Saint Pierre.

Bermuda. January 15-16, 2011. The annual Bermuda Race Weekend features a mile, a 10K, a 1/2 marathon, and a marathon. This year the NRA was represented by Diane Adams and Freddy Z., each of whom ran both the 10K (Jan 15) and the 1/2 marathon (Jan 16). Both pulled off respectable times despite the warm and sunny conditions on both days, and hilly terrain. Diane reports that she was 6th of 73 and 8th of 58 in her age groups in the 10K and 1/2 respectively. In this photo, Diane poses with Bart Yasoo, who was in attendance. Le format en waiting period du 4 mai au 2 juillet permet d'attendre les conditions optimales pour lancer l'épreuve.